Pamper Day For The Female Soul <3

June 9, 2019

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Pamper Day For The Soul.

A Delicious Day Of Body & Soul Tapas To Restore And Inspire You.
9th of June 2019.

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Imagine a day designed just to love your body, pamper your soul and re-ignite the flames of your creative spark.

A day to deeply listen to your body’s needs and desires.

A day to empower you to hear and follow the beat of your heart’s song.

A day to integrate your dreams into movement and your body, so that your actions come from a fresh space of be~ing and clarity.

Six women are weaving their magic together to create a Pamper Day Especially For Your Body.



Itinerary For Your Body & Soul Pamper Day~

Chakra Dance.

Jess Hilliard has come to Chakradance via movement classes and Jungian psychology at drama school. Add to that a trip to Australia’s Sunshine Coast and in recent years a love of yoga.
Having lived predominantly in her head in her 20s, Jess now lives embodied movement and Chakradance.
Jess has been delighted to discover through Chakradance, the (innate) healing power held in the body and ability to reconnect to our wild, authentic self and she is honoured to be sharing this ‘dance of the soul’ with others.

Your Raw Chocolate Prescription in a Cake

Aradhana Kaur is a lifelong foodie, longstanding vegetarian, and intuitive chef, creating food from the heart. She specialises in raw chocolate alchemy.

In this succulent session you will learn and play with food. Discover a range of herbs with supportive properties, from the Amazon, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Then select your personal medicine and mix it into a raw chocolate cake.

This is a chance to get your hands stuck in for a playful embodied learning experience. We will create and decorate our cakes and then… well who said you can’t have your cake and eat it?  (All ingredients are vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free).


Stepping Stones To You.

Michelle Roberton very much believes that the relationship with our body needs to be as loving as our relationship to those around us.  This supports how belonging in not only our own skin and bones but the world around us.

In this session Michelle will be inviting you to explore your resistance to belonging in your body and offering simplistic tools to embrace the daily and unconditional relationship of body love.

Inviting Intimacy

Hanna Angell is a Tantra & Conscious Sexuality facilitator who’s journey into self-healing, after overcoming many past traumas, have led her to work with others to support them in becoming empowered, embodied and in touch with the truth of their being.
In this workshop, Hanna will guide you on a journey first within, to rediscover deeper intimacy with yourself, and then outwards, to discover more love, joy, and intimacy with others. In group exercises, using breath, energy, conscious communication, and conscious touch, this workshop will give you tools to take home with you to begin creating greater intimacy in your life.

Enchanted Cycles.

In this workshop, Eshana will guide you on a journey through the four inner seasons, exploring ways in which you can honour the natural rhythm of your cycle. You will discover how to use your cycle to get the most out of your meditation practice, future visioning, thrive in your connections and release any build up of tension. Whether you are at the peak of your menstruating years, menopausal, on the pill or your bleed has mysteriously vanished, this workshop will help you tune into your inner rhythm to support your outer life.

Throughout the journey, we will be sampling Enchanted MOON Chocolate, four bars of chocolate medicine with herbs and superfoods to support the energies of the inner seasons.


Be Held in Love.

Helen Thatcher is a Loving Touch Cuddle Practitioner.  Her speciality is supporting individuals to feel safe and comfortable in their bodies.  From this more embodied place she then invites you to experience the sacredness of your life.

Today she will introduce simple and relaxing paired & group exercises designed to take us deeply into the para-sympathetic healing state.  Here our bodies naturally rest and restore creating space for love to flow through us.

Helen Thatcher is a warm and welcoming workshop facilitator, with 15 years experience. She has a joyful and enthusiastic approach to life. She brings an attitude of gentleness and great kindness to her work and draws on a deep instinctive wisdom when teaching.

Cost & How to pay:

Early Bird until the 9th of April. £85

Thereafter £95.


(Please note that Eventbrite do charge a booking fee.)


The loft at little dippers.

42 Upper Gardner StreetBrightonBN1 4AN


We look forward to sharing with you


Honouring Our Hearts, Embracing Our Sexuality

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