“Hanna, taking the step to begin sessions with you has been one of the most important and best decisions of my life.

I have never felt so confident, alive and aligned with my true values. I am now able to see myself for who I really am and, for the first time since child, I have been able to return to the innocence of my body and sexuality.

I am no longer trapped in my fears, shame and guilt around being a sexual man and am a much better person, father, lover and husband because of it.

I am so grateful to you and for everything that you do”

David, London


I don’t think I’ve ever been so deeply touched by another human being before. I felt so held and safe to fully let go and surrender into the aliveness of my being, as you so lovingly encouraged.

I arrived feeling small and inadequate- like I didn’t matter. I left with my head held high, a huge smile on my face and a knowing that I deserve to take up room in the world.

And that I’m a powerful, sexual being who deserves to be loved.

Doug, London

This weekend was a beautiful incredible experience… I have encountered such wonderful experiences with people who normally I would have passed in the street without giving them a second glance because they wouldn’t fit into the narratives that I have constructed for myself. I was in a position where I was able to allow myself to meet people with an open mind and an open heart due to the way you facilitated the workshop.

I felt safe and held at all times. The structure of the workshop enabled me to stay in touch with myself, to not lose myself and to be aware of my own boundaries.

You honoured people’s feelings in a way that they had the opportunity to feel heard. When friction arose you stayed calm and non-judgemental. You made space for the light as well as the shadows, everything was welcome, I felt welcome no matter what I brought which is so freeing.

Thank you thank you thank you

Patricia Gough, Brighton

When I got back after our session, I popped into the supermarket and when I came out, I realised I was smiling. A really nice, deep from inside smile, something I’m not used to.

Jonathan, London

Thank you for an amazing weekend! I have learnt so much.. you managed it all with exceptional … sensitivity and tact and intelligence. Someone said to me…. you were brilliant at… stepping back… being quietly in the background. You made it about us. Thank you. And when you shared about your own path … it was always relevant and helpful/informative.

Tallulah, Brighton

I have to say Hanna’s touch was lovely, tentative, fully present. I was in such a blissful state that suffice to say, it felt absolutely right. I can say that I had a heartfelt and expansive experience. Perhaps this was because Hanna was so skilled in relaxing me, or because my body simply loved and responded to her sensuous touch.

I left feeling honoured, adored, deeply relaxed yet more alert and, dare I say, sexually alive.

Chris, Brighton

Hi Hanna,

What a wonderful session yesterday!

When I was seeing you previously, my life was pretty difficult and our sessions together certainly helped me through that period and also started to peel back the layers of unhelpful conditioning and allowed me also to better access my feelings and emotions and be more accepting of them and much more.

I’d like to think that I’m now in a better place, perhaps not always ideal, but certainly better and that the focus of future sessions can be about growth, pleasure and aliveness (my new favourite word!)

That’s absolutely the place where I felt we finished yesterday and I look forward to us continuing to work together to help me to go still deeper and further into those amazing experiences

David, Sussex

“I arrived at my last session with anticipation, unsure of what to expect or what I was doing there.

I instantly felt at ease in your presence and very quickly dropped into a space of trust and sharing.

I felt heard by you, even when I talked of that which shames me and causes me pain.

I felt seen by you, especially when I allowed myself to be vulnerable and open in my self-doubt.

I felt held by you, constantly through your affirmations, your loving kindness and your touch- grounding me and bringing me back home.

My partner was afraid of my coming to see you, that it would somehow take away from our relationship. But as you so beautifully invited- it’s only enhanced our love and intimacy.

I look forward to all our future sessions.

Thank you Hanna”

Tony, Kent

Dear Hanna,

I want to thank you very much for holding us all so sensitively and clearly over the weekend. Your own practice, I felt, exemplified what you were teaching us about kindness, boundaries, care for oneself, care for the other. I have very rarely found myself in such a group, feeling both completely safe and yet also gently stretched in a way which was in keeping with my own capacity and volition. Thank you then so very much. I hope that you have been able to rest today in company with your partner and your sweet baby.

Nicholas, Sussex

I didn’t know what I was searching for until today but I’ve been searching a very long time. I felt like I’d somehow lost myself and I’ve been clawing my way back for years- slowly, painfully, lost in the dark.

And then something called me to you and I knew I wanted to begin working with you. I had no clue what to expect but I knew it was something I needed to do.

And then today happened. And suddenly it all made sense. My body heaved this HUGE sigh of relief as suddenly, with your love, touch, and presence, I came home.

And I cried. And I smiled. And I know I can never look back.

Thank you so, so much Hanna. You are a truly wonderful, gorgeous human being with the touch of an angel

Peter, Surrey

I would just like to thank you for a truly amazing experience yesterday, It was so blissful and I feel so much better as a person.

Darren, London

‘Had an incredible weekend. Felt very welcome, a lovely group and wonderful connections and some amazing personal insights – thanks Hanna’

Marc, London

So great that this subject is being addressed as it has caused so much pain and shame/guilt in many people’s lives. The great news is that it is never too late to reclaim your innocence and sexual playfulness. I was 68 years young when I embarked on my own sexual healing journey and it has been the most wonderful, beautiful experience causing me to feel more alive than ever. Thank you for making these workshops available!♥️

John, London

I loved how Hanna’s grace, softness and sensuality within the space held allows for freedom, diversity and so much growth.

Thank you so, so much

Danni, London

I felt called to write to you this evening to share something very special with you.

After 45yrs stuck in a body I loathed, and 15yrs in a marriage that was falling a part, tonight something clicked and I realised ‘Fuck, it wasn’t my fault. I am lovable. I am desirable. And I do make a difference in this world!

And then, I looked my wife in the eyes, held her hand and told her I was ready to become the man I knew I was and the man that could love her deeply. Unconditionally. And passionately. And then we made love for the first time in 3yrs……

With tears in my eyes Hanna, and a heart so full of love I feel it could burst, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you. For without you and our work over the past year, I never would have found my way home again.

And this is just the beginning.

I think everyone needs a Hanna in their life.

Thank you

Andy, London

The work that Hanna offers is incredible. I was able to journey into such a deep space and really get in touch with my body once more. After years of being disconnected and with terribly low self-esteem, time spent within this beautifully held and sacred space meant I was able to really see myself again; for the gorgeous, sensual, sexy being that I am! I would highly recommend working with Hanna

Ed, Bristol

‘Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing workshop on Saturday. I am feeling infinitely more in my power and embodied.

I thought your facilitation style was flawless. It was the right balance of really holding a deep, loving space and also being fun! 🙂 The language you used was impeccable; everything being an invitation’

Freya, Brighton