Frequently asked questions

Is this Tantra?
I bring many modalities into my work and my offerings. I have trained and practice in Tantra, along with Sacred Sexuality, various dance/movement modalities, grief/trauma therapies, meditation, presence, breath and embodied practices. So yes, Tantra may come into this work, but it is one of many foundations.
Is this Tantra all about Sex?
Absolutely not.  Many associate Tantra solely with sex and yes, sexuality does come into it in the form of ‘sexual energy’. ‘Sexual energy’ equates to ‘Life-force energy’- something we all have within us and yet something many feel out of touch with within their system. Sadly, there is also a lot of shame, gulit and trauma associated with sexuality and Tantra can enable you to look at ways to move through this. The Tantra  I know and teach, is not all about sex or ‘Tantric Sex’ but rather opening to life and all that brings. Sexual energy is a powerful medium to help us to reach parts of our beings we might otherwise not by harnessing this incredible force within us. This does not mean having lots of sex with lots of people but rather taking the time and space to breath into our own energy. And of course finding ways to understand the Essence and Sacredness of Making Love.
Do I need a partner to come to one of your workshops?
Not at all. The core essence of this practice is about connecting with yourself first and foremost. A deep and authentic relationship with yourself enables deeper and more beautiful relationships with others. You are of course also very welcome to practice with a partner/lover/loved one and I welcome both individuals and couples (romantic or otherwise) to  workshops and sessions.
Will there be nudity in your workshops?
This depends on what workshop you attend. Nudity may feature in some advanced workshops but this is always optional and always within a level that you feel comfortable. Boundaries (your own and those of others) are of upmost importance at all times. Please see event details for more information and of course talk to me if you’ve any questions.
Will there be nudity in your private sessions?
Each session is tailored to the individual and again, what is most comfortable. When we move into body work, the removal of clothing is invited but always optional. Touch upon the skin can feel more intimate and powerful but only if this feels right in your heart.I remain clothed throughout the session. These sessions are about you, not me.
Will there be physical contact in your private sessions?
Yes, so long as you are open and comfortable with this. We’ll move into touch as I work with you and your energy but it is only my hands upon your body. These sessions are about you and if you were to move into touch with me, this would take away from your experience. Our sessions are a space for you to allow yourself to surrender into receiving.
Can I engage with you sexually?
Sexual energy is welcome and celebrated as we work with your ‘life force energy’ however, similarly to above, there is no sexual engagment with me, what so ever. Remember, these sessions are to focus on you.