My longing is for you to truly live this life. To be in touch with what being alive means and to feel into your truest, deepest desires. To be able to drop into and listen to the rhythm of your own being and to better understand the meaning of being connected to your Core Essence.

Having been disconnected from her body for many years, Hanna began her own personal journey into rediscovering herself and what it meant to be truly alive, connected to life and in touch with the truth of her Being.

Through this, she found the amazing and healing affects of movement, conscious touch, massage, energy and breath-work.

Training in Sacred Sexuality, Tantra & Ecstatic Dance, she discovered ways to reconnect with herself, her passions and desires.

Her fabulous teachers, friends and mentors include beings such as Jan Day, Barbara Carrellas, Rebecca Lowrie, Gayatri, Ma Ananda Sarita and Shakti Malan, to name but a few.

Having experienced a lot of trauma throughout her lifetime, Hanna also knew she needed to find a way to heal from the past pain and stories to free herself from the hurt that had been done but she was no longer experiencing or living.

She later went on to train in an amazing technique ‘The Comprehensive Resource Model’ (CRM) therapy which she incorporates into her work to work to support others from overcoming trauma.

Now, Hanna is a Conscious Sexuality & Tantric practitioner with a wealth of experience and brings her softness, aliveness, energy and desire to enable you to feel truly embodied, connected to life, in touch with your body, heart, passion and pleasure.


Her mission is to guide, support, encourage and empower others in living open, authentic, impassioned and heart-centred lives.

To discovering, loving and celebrating their magnificence and aliveness; with all their vulnerability, messiness, sexuality and innocence.

She currently lives in East Sussex with her partner and little boy and offers empowering workshops, retreats and private sessions on Love, Sexuality, Relationships, Intimacy and Pleasure in the UK (Brighton, Bristol, London)  Europe and beyond.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk to Hanna about running an event in your area.