Trust and Confidentiality
All personal information about you, including the fact that you are a client and/or attended a workshop or event is kept strictly confidential at all times. What happens within a session/workshop space stays there. I would only ever divulge private information if I was legally required to do so or I am concerned for the safety of yourself or others.

Professional Standards
I am committed to continuous training and growth to further strengthen my ability as a practitioner and space holder. Everything I bring to my sessions/workshops comes from a lifetime of experience and training and I am continuously learning and expanding myself, my skills and what I can offer you.

Safety and Well-Being
I am committed to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being whilst you are in my presence and I am available to offer support in the interim in-between sessions/workshops (to a certain extent)

I commit to respecting you, your needs, values, boundaries and point of view at all times. In return, you are expected to treat myself, other facilitators and participants with the same level of respect at all times. If I ever feel this is not being followed, we will talk this through as best we can but you will be asked to leave a session/workshop if I feel it’s needed.

Personal Responsibility
It is your duty to ensure your own personal safety at all times. All those who attend my sessions/workshop are expected to have done so with awareness and I can’t take liability or responsibility for you. It is your responsibility to ensure you are mentally, physically and emotionally able.