Honouring Our Hearts, Embracing Our Sexuality

Starts September 28, 2019
Ends September 29, 2019

10:00 - 17:00

The Studio, 39 whippingham road Brighton, bN2 3PF


Honouring Our Hearts,

Embracing Our Sexuality

This is an advanced workshop for individuals and couples who want to live and experience the power, beauty and innocence of your true sexuality whilst honouring your heart and your truth.

In a loving held container, you are invited to experience powerful, heart-opening, playful and growth-full explorations of emotional, sensual and physical intimacy and connection.

To explore the depths of real intimacy and how to bring more understanding of self, relationship, sensuality, sexuality, and love into your life.

You will get the opportunity to embrace shadows, transform fears, speak from your heart and experience connecting and relating to others from an open, honest and authentic place.

In this workshop you will;

♥ Remember The Magic & Beauty of Your Own Being

♥ Become Embodied, Empowered & Focused

♥ Discover Joyful & Playful Connection

♥ How to Navigate Triggers & Calm Your Nervous System

♥ Trust and take responsibility for your own needs, feelings and desires

♥ Heal Old Wounds of The Past

♥ Learn The Gift of Both Giving and Receiving

♥ Realign with Your Yes & Your No

♥ Learn to Create and Hold Sacred Space

♥ Experience what it means to be Fully Present, Witnessed and Held

♥ Discover The Connection Between Sex, Heart, and Spirit

♥ Learn How Sexual Energy can be Celebrated and Reclaimed

♥ Develop Tools to Deepen Intimacy, with Yourself and Others

♥And much more ♥

No partner is required but you may wish to bring a friend or loved one with you to share the experience with. You will be invited to work with others over the weekend but you are welcome to work with your chosen partner for the weekend if you come with one.



**Booking Details**

Please register by clicking on the link at the start of page or email hanna@awakenyourpassions.com for more information, to apply and book your place.

Venue: The Studio, Brighton

When: Saturday, September 28th- 10:00-18:00 – Sunday, September 29th, 10:00-17:00

Price: £195 Early Bird Price if booked before 17th August, £225 thereafter.

Includes full weekend ticket, teas/snacks, and refreshments.

Lunch will be bring your own pot luck among the group.

*Please note* This is a non-residential workshop. If traveling from afar, let us know if you need help with accommodation.

Please register by clicking on the link at start of page or email hanna@awakenyourpassions.com for more information, to apply and book your place.


**fee is non-refundable unless the workshop is canceled, but a credit note will be issued in the event of unavoidable cancellation up to 14 days before the workshop begins. **


What others say;

‘Had an incredible weekend. Felt very welcome, a lovely group and wonderful connections and some amazing personal insights – thanks Hanna’

Marc, London

So great that this subject is being addressed as it has caused so much pain and shame/guilt in many people’s lives. The great news is that it is never too late to reclaim your innocence and sexual playfulness. I was 68 years young when I embarked on my own sexual healing journey and it has been the most wonderful, beautiful experience causing me to feel more alive than ever. Thank you for making these workshops available!♥️

John, London

Hanna holds an incredibly deep and beautiful space which allows you to truly drop into your body and surrender to all that comes whilst being gently and lovingly held. She is a truly empowered and beautiful human being.

Emma, London

‘This weekend was a beautiful incredible experience… I have encountered such wonderful experiences with people who normally I would have passed in the street without giving them a second glance because they wouldn’t fit into the narratives that I have constructed for myself. I was in a position where I was able to allow myself to meet people with an open mind and an open heart due to the way you facilitated the workshop’

~ Patricia Gough, Brighton ~

‘Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing workshop on Saturday. I am feeling infinitely more in my power and embodied.

I thought your facilitation style was flawless. It was the right balance of really holding a deep, loving space and also being fun! 🙂 The language you used was impeccable; everything being an invitation’

~ Freya, Brighton ~

‘Thank you for an amazing weekend! I have learnt so much.. you managed it all with exceptional … sensitivity and tact and intelligence. Someone said to me…. you were brilliant at… stepping back… being quietly in the background. You made it about us. Thank you’

~ Tallulah Miers, Brighton ~

‘Thank you, I loved the weekend, the only thing I’d have changed would to have made the days longer and the time last longer. I love the way you lead, you lead so clearly yet seem to be able to remain almost invisible. The activities were great, and flowed well, I’m still unpacking all that i learnt. I felt comfortable all weekend. I felt safe which helped me to be more open than I’ve ever been’

~ Craig Eppy, London ~

‘I want to thank you very much for holding us all so sensitively and clearly over the weekend. Your own practice, I felt, exemplified what you were teaching us about kindness, boundaries, care for oneself, care for the other. I have very rarely found myself in such a group, feeling both completely safe and yet also gently stretched in a way which was in keeping with my own capacity and volition. Thank you then so very much.

~ Nicholas, East Sussex ~


About Hanna Angell

Hanna Angell is an experienced Conscious Sexuality and Tantric practitioner with a wealth of experience and training, who brings her softness, aliveness, energy and passion to support others to feel truly embodied, connected to life, and in touch with their heart, soul, and pleasure.

To discovering, loving and celebrating their magnificence and aliveness.

She currently lives in East Sussex with her partner and son and offers transformational workshops, retreats and intimate private sessions on Love, Sexuality, Relationships, Intimacy and Pleasure in the UK, Europe and beyond.

More info/Contact;




The Erotic Heart

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