Love isn’t the hard part…

Love isn’t the hard part, it’s the staying WITH love that can bring challenge…

Held by our pain, stories and traumas from our past or indeed our fears, judgements and projections of the future that gets in the way of being fully in this moment and IN love.

We are all love. Divinely innocent beings who, if we allow, can see each other with fresh eyes, open hearts and the raw vulnerability of our naked emotion, and find a way back to love.

Real Love asks nothing of us.

It does not ask us to change, to be different, to fit into a certain type or box.

Real love meets us exactly where we are. As we are. In each and every moment.

It reminds us that we are perfectly imperfect, just as we are. And that we have nothing to fear by showing up in the world.

Real love looks touches your heart and allows it to weep when it needs to and sing when it feels to.

It holds you tight yet allows you the freedom to be who you came here to be.

Real love acknowledges your past, the you of before and the you of today.

It smiles at you each morning, looks you in the eye and says “Thank you for existing”

~ Photo ‘Robert Mapplethorpe, Embrace’ ~

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