Touch and affection; a basic human need


In a touch deprived world were touch and affection is a basic human need, it’s up to us to step up and support each other. ~

Ask for a hug when you need one and if you see someone in need, offer them one ~

Hold your children, let them feel your heart beating against theirs and for them to know they are loved and safe ~

Hold your grandmothers hand, massage her softly as she falls asleep and kiss her as tenderly with love and care. ~

Stroke your friends face and caress them tenderly. Remind them how amazing they are and how blessed you are to know them. ~

Pull your partner in close, whisper I love yous into their ear and then shower them with kisses of love and gratitude. ~

And that stranger that you passed crying silently on the bench? Offer them your time and affection. Can I take your hand or would you like a hug? ~

It could literally change their life or at least, their day. ~

If you feel the lack of touch and Intimacy in your life, seek out ways to find and ask for it. ~

Express your human need to love and be love. Touch and be touched ~

For support in ways to bring more touch and intimacy into your life, see my website or DM me here;

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