Beyond Intimacy ~ Coming Home to You ~ A 6 week Online Exploration

Starts June 1, 2020
Ends July 12, 2020

12:00 - 00:00

At Home

Sliding Scale £77-£197

Are you ready to fall deeply in love with yourself?

Right now, we have the perfect opportunity to learn to love ourselves fully, so that we may open to deeper, more intimate and loving connections with others.

This is the time to rediscover who you are, or perhaps, who you’re becoming. And how to relate to others from an embodied, grounded, loving & empowered place. When we are truly at home within, we are truly at home anywhere. Our inner relationship translates out into our outer relationships.

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You are invited to join Hanna Angell on this beautiful and powerful 6 week journey into stepping into your truth and the heart of who you really are, in a beautiful container of love and connection, needed now more than ever.

‘Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing workshop on Saturday. I am feeling infinitely more in my power and embodied.

I thought your facilitation style was flawless. It was the right balance of really holding a deep, loving space and also being fun! 🙂 The language you used was impeccable; everything being an invitation’

Freya, Brighton

There is a collective yearning for intimacy and connection right now and with that, many are feeling a disconnect to their own innate intimacy with themselves- our first love.

By doing the groundwork now, you enable your life to open to the most sensual and powerful intimacy and connection.

This is an invitation to go within and do the inner work to rebuild and strengthen self-trust, compassion, confidence and love, whilst having the opportunity to journey and heal within a group setting- to share, to hold and to be held and to realise the vision of greater intimacy in all aspects of your life.

A place to come into connection- to join together in this time of isolation and to join a community of heart-centered others. To grow and expand together over the duration of this course and beyond.

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Topics/themes include

Deepening self-love

Finding your voice

Transforming fear to trust

Stepping into your power

Leaning into discomfort and finding peace

Surrendering into self-pleasure

Who am I without my story?

Body love/confidence

Becoming more embodied & in touch with your expression

Discovering and expressing your needs & desires

What is real intimacy?

Enriching and deepening your relationships

An opportunity to realign with your inner-knowing; your intuition and to once again believe in your truth, your power and your grace.

To step into the truth of who you really are and how you want to show up in the world, and have your group to mirror and reflect this vision back to you.

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I loved how Hanna’s grace, softness and sensuality within the space held allows for freedom, diversity and so much growth.

Thank you so, so much

Danni, London

Over the course of 6 weeks, Hanna will share with you her years of experience, both on a personal and professional level- giving you the tools, confidence and self-love to connect in with yourself on a fully-embodied and intimate level and how that then translates out into your life and your relationships.

In this course you will

✦ Transform your reality of intimacy, connection and empowerment through self-awareness, self-acceptance, embodied practices, self-reflection, meditations and collective group healing.
✦ Explore healing past wounds, self-doubt and old patterns that can keep you stuck and afraid.
✦ Remember the joy of living in your own body and in touch with your raw, unique humanness; at your own pace, within your own space but also within a group container.
✦ Remodel your relationship with yourself from uncertainty to belief, as you journey into your connection to your body, intimacy, touch and both giving and receiving of love, affection and pleasure.
✦ Re-experience your body as a vessel of movement,creativity, joy, sensuality and love.
✦ Rediscover deeper self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance
✦ Reclaim your right to live, cherish and adore your own sensuality & sexuality
✦Receive and be held, loved and celebrated, just as you are.

Maybe you’ve wanted to work with me before but have been limited due to location/commitments etc? Here’s your opportunity to do so now!

I have very rarely found myself in such a group, feeling both completely safe and yet also gently stretched in a way which was in keeping with my own capacity and volition. Thank you then so very much.

Nicholas, Sussex

What’s included?

✦ Weekly Practice ~ 6 videos and 6 audios, each one accompanied by a worksheet.

Each week we’ll look at a different subject/theme and you’ll have weekly practices to support in your process. These will be delivered directly to your inbox.

✦Weekly Webinars ~ Live group calls

Group practice, sharing and experiential exercises with Hanna- 1-2hrs a week held on Wednesday evenings.

✦Private Group ~A private Facebook Group

Access to a private forum for sharing, questions, community connection and support from your group and Hanna.

✦ Weekly Q&A ~Facebook Live.

Each week you’ll get the opportunity to put your questions to Hanna- about your process with the course and the impact in your life.

You will have downloadable access to all of the course material and all live webinars will be recorded for you tore-watch or catch up with if you’re not able to make them live.

❂ Optional upgrades

Discounted 1-1 Sessions with Hanna ~ Add on up to six private intimacy & empowerment coaching sessions during this 6-week training to further support you on this journey.
£90 & 1hr each, usually £120ph ❂

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What you need to attend this course

♥ Willingness to commit to approximately 3/4hrs a week for daily practice, videos, homework and weekly calls/group check in
♥ Decent internet connection that can support video and audio without interruption

♥ Computer to enable you to see and connect with all the other participants.
♥ Camera and microphone/headphones for video and audio and good lighting to be clearly seen for group/partner exercises.
♥ Comfortable space for sitting/nesting and enough room to be able to stand and move about during the sessions when needed.
♥ Privacy for calls and practices, without interruption. (Obviously life happens, as a mum to a little one I get that more than ever but if you can let others in the house know you need time/space to focus)


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LOCATION: Online- attend from anywhere in the world!
DATES: Monday, 1st June – Sunday 12th July 2020


I want to make this as available as possible so am offering the whole course on a 3 tier basis to fit different needs to support everyone at this time of economic crisis.

By joining this course, you are also supporting me.

✦ Full Price (No financial impact- financially secure) ~£197

✦ Discount Ticket (Some financial impact ~ still managing but could use some support) ~ £127

✦ Low/No Income Ticket (Severely impacted financially ~ low or no income) ~ £77

❂ Optional upgrade

Discounted 1-1 Sessions with Hanna ~ Add on up to six private intimacy & empowerment coaching sessions during this 6-week training to further support you on this journey.
£90 & 1hr each, usually £120ph ❂

♥ If you are in a dire financial position but would still really love to join this, please email to talk to us about what may be possible ♥


0-7 days before and during the event: no refund

7-15 days before the event: 25%

15-30 days before the event: 50%

Purchase-30 days before the event: 75%

About Hanna

Hanna came from a background of abuse, deprivation, isolation and addiction. From a young age, she lived much of her life completely disconnected from her being, ashamed of her body and afraid of her sexuality. Battling with eating disorders for decades, self-harm, addiction to alcohol & drugs and relationship after relationship of physical and sexual abuse.

After being close to death one too many times, Hanna realised she didn’t want to continue to merely exist in life, she wanted to start living it again.

And so began a journey into self-intimacy

Through this exploration, she found the amazing and healing affects of dance, conscious touch, massage, sexual-liberation, breath and energy-work.

Training in Ecstatic Dance, Sacred Sexuality, Reiki, Embodied Practices and Tantra, she discovered ways to reconnect with herself, her body, her passion and desires.

She later went on to train in an amazing technique ‘The Comprehensive Resource Model’ (CRM) Therapy which she incorporates into her work. This is a trauma based therapy which works on the system from a cellular level- healing ourselves from the inside out.

Now, Hanna is a Sacred Sexuality practitioner and Intimacy, Pleasure, Intimacy & Empowerment Coach, with a wealth of experience, and brings her softness, aliveness, energy and desire to enable you to feel truly embodied, connected to life, in touch with your body, passion, heart and pleasure.

Her mission is to support, encourage and empower others in living open, authentic, conscious, impassioned and heart-centred lives. To discovering, loving and celebrating their magnificence and aliveness.

She currently lives in East Sussex with her little boy & partner and offers international workshops, retreats and private sessions on Sexuality, Relationships, Pleasure and Intimacy.