Reclaiming Your Sexuality

June 24, 2017

11:00 - 18:00



A one day workshop to explore, discover and reclaim your sexuality.

“Your soul came to this planet to make love to everything here”

  ~ Psalm Isadora, Sexuality, Relationship and Trauma Expert ~

You are invited to join us for a days journey into what it truly means to fully reclaim, own, express and enjoy your sexuality.

To rediscover the gift you are born with.

So often, we lose touch with our sexuality and exactly what that means to and for us. For many, It can often evoke great confusion, feelings of shame, fragility and all too often, deep sadness and pain.

Conditioning, childhood and relationships can all contribute to how we feel about and see our sexuality and somehow, the innocence, beauty and meaning of our own sexuality and that of others, becomes lost.

So isn’t it now time to reclaim what is so rightfully yours? To take back what we so often give away, disconnect from or misunderstand?

‘Sexual Energy’ ultimately means ‘Life Force Energy’ and, when we loose connection to our sexual energy, our sexuality, we loose a big part of connection to life itself,  the relationships we have in it and the world around us.

Being in touch with your sexuality doesn’t mean to simply have ‘great sex’ but rather to step into, embody and empower yourself as the sexual being that you are.

To begin to let go of the fear around being seen as a sexual being and all that comes with that.

To discover ways to shed the layers of shame associated with sexuality and come back the truth of your raw humanness- your Core Essence.

To the breath.

To the moment.

To you.

Regardless of whether you are in a relationship, single or celibate- there is great power in fully connecting to the life force energy that runs through all of us and claiming it back as yours.

In this workshop you will explore;

  • Ways to unravel the layers of discomfort that stop you from fully connecting with your sexuality.

  • Learn to be able to not only enjoy your sexual energy, but to express it without fear, challenge or shame.

  • The essence and beauty of sexuality

  • Reconnecting you to your body, energy and senses.

  • ways to awaken your sexual energy

  • what it means to be fully present, witnessed and seen, exactly as you are.

  • the connection between sex, heart and spirit

  • how sexual energy can be enjoyed and explored without having to move into lovemaking

  • tools to deepen intimacy, with yourself and others

Open to couples and individuals, this is an amazing opportunity to learn, explore and play in a safe, lovingly held and non-judgemental space.

Nudity may feature in this workshop however, this is always optional and the main thing is you feel at ease. You will be invited to undress to what level you feel comfortable. Everything is an invitation and you are asked to feel into what is right for you from moment to moment.


Held at at lovely venue in Brighton- address to be given upon booking.

Saturday, June 24th- 11:00-18:00

Space is limited.


Please email / call 07954 078824 for more information, to apply and book your place.

*Hanna never wants finances to be a reason for you not to be able to attend. Therefore, options for those on low income are available with suitable payment plans that works for both. This way, one is committed to the work and therefore committed to their own process whilst also valuing themselves and my work.*

**fee is non-refundable unless the workshop is cancelled, but a credit note will be issued in the event of unavoidable cancellation up to 14 days before the workshop begins. **


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