London Tantra Festival ~ Reclaiming Your Sexuality ~

October 15, 2017

19:00 - 20:00

Shoreditch, Central London

- not specified -

Heaven on Earth – Dare to live in Ecstasy’

For one weekend, the best practitioners and teachers in the field of Tantra from the UK and Europe come together to create a dynamic and exciting programme of lectures, workshops and presentations on a broad number of Tantra topics.

Hanna will be offering ‘Reclaiming Your Sexuality’ on Sunday, 7pm

in Eden (first floor)

Your sexuality is yours to own, rejoice and enjoy.
A portal to divine relationships, exploration and
freedom. To discovering what it means to truly
live this human life in with loving intention and

Yet somehow, sexuality is still so misunderstood,
used and suppressed.

In this introductory workshpo, Hanna Angell will share
with you her own personal journey into Tantra
and how she began the empowering process
into healing, reclaiming and celebrating her
sexuality and how you can too.


The Art of Conscious Touch

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