Tantra invites you to say YES to life.

Tantra is an ancient Indian tradition that originated thousands of years ago incorporating practices, rituals and meditations. More and more, it is becoming known as a spiritual way of life for many, with incredible therapeutic and healing benefits.

Tantra creates a way to awareness, authenticity and acceptance to all that we feel and everything that we are. Through the practice of Tantra comes emotional, spiritual and sexual healing, helping us to fully reclaim and step into our humanness and power. Tantra sheds light on places that may have been hidden; bring confidence and consciousness to all of the different parts of ourselves.

This practice provides an opportunity for you to feel into and authentically express your wants, needs and desires and an invites you to explore and rediscover life in a more rewarding way. To finding your truth, power and the Essence of who you truly are whilst reconnecting with your innate sexuality.

In Tantra, sexual energy is a powerful medium to help us to reach parts of our beings we may otherwise not, by harnessing this incredible force within us. Sexual energy equates to ‘Life-force energy’. This does not mean Tantra is simply about sex, but rather taking the time and space to breath into our own energy and connect to self.

By doing the inner work, we create the space to deepen relationship with others.

Tantra is a path for people wanting to better know themselves, deepen awareness and celebrate all aspects of themselves and life itself.

Hanna Angell has been  practicing Tantra for many years now and carries her message of opening more to life with her.